Saturday, September 29, 2007

Football and Movie Stars

Well I'm particularly sad #3 OU Sooners lost to unranked Colorado in the Big 12 opener. It was such a disappointment cause we have completely blown out all our opponents thus far, averaging like 50 points a game. Today we just didn't show up. I don't know what our deal was, but it was SO frustrating to watch us struggle and make some really dumb, costly mistakes. We all had such high hopes this year of being a National Championship team, but I think it's out of our reach now. I think now it will be great if we can just make it to a BCS Bowl. The good news is that we are a very young team so maybe next year. :-)

I will say, however, that there was a nice glimpse of sunshine on this gloomy OU day when unranked Kansas State routed Texas (41-21) in Texas' own house! Next week's OU v. TX game will be interesting!!

On a very different note, but still related to football, Jake and I had an interesting experience last night while coming home from dinner. We passed a high school in Pflugerville and noticed that there was a "football game" going on, but we knew that that particular high school didn't have a game that night and when we looked closer, there were TV cameras everywhere on the field. I don't know how many people out there watch Friday Night Lights on NBC, but it's filmed here in Austin (particularly Pflugerville) and they were filming last night. Anyway, long story short, Jake and I just walked up on the set in the stands to see if we could see the stars of the show (which we did) and one of the production ladies asked if we wanted to be part of the fans so we put on some Dillon Panther T-shirts, signed our waivers and became instant tv show stars. haha No, really we just became another nameless face in the crowd yelling "DEFENSE". :-) But maybe, just maybe you can catch a glimpse of us on the show.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

My First Steps.....

......well with a little help of course. I got this new toy just two days ago and I already know how to walk around pushing it!! Before long I'm gonna figure out how to walk all on my own......then Mommy and Daddy really won't be able to keep up with me. hee hee hee
Check me out in this clip:

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sick household

It's been a rough week around here. Nathan came down with a cold on tuesday and Jake has been having some serious sinus issues and now I'm starting to feel like a cold is coming on......sigh. It's been a long time since I've had to be up all night with a crying baby. Hopefully he'll be feeling better soon so he can get some good sleep.....poor baby has little bags under his eyes.

Ironically, Nathan had his 9 month well-check on tuesday morning and the doctor said he had perfect health......famous last words. That night was when the snot storm hit.

He weighs 21 lbs 4 oz and measures 29 in. He is in the 75 percentile for height and weight so he's a big boy for his age.

Here's a clip of him crawling

Mommy, can I go outside?????

Mmmm cooooookie........

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Prayer Requests

I have a few prayer requests.......
1) My Granny (dad's side) is recovering from a triple-bypass and valve replacement heart surgery. It is a miracle she survived the surgery (the doc said 1 in 3 chance) and has a long road to recovery.
2) My Grandma (mom's side) is having surgery on her lung monday (9/17) to remove a cancerous tumor (which has reappeared after 4 years of being in remission).

Thanks for the prayers!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Church

After many years as members of Hyde Park Baptist, we have decided to find a new church home. We wanted to find something a little closer to home and just needed a change. We are now members of Celebration Church in Georgetown, TX. We absolutely love it there. It is VERY different from HPBC and it took me a few visits to get used to it because it is very contemporary/charismatic, but now that is one of the things I love about it. The Pastor is awesome and the people there are SO nice and welcoming. This church is very focused on the next generation and that was very important to us. Jake is now a part of the Greeter team and I am praying about serving on the Media team doing webmaster stuff. I do miss our friends at HPBC, but we still get to see most of them because our kiddos play together.

Here's the link to our church:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Got Teeth?

We have finally got some teeth! Nathan got his two bottom teeth at the same time....yikes! Overall he did very well with them. He was only fussy during the day, but he slept great at nights (only waking once or twice).

Can you see my pearly whites??

Pulling Up

I finally got Nathan caught pulling up on video. :-) Now that he has learned to pull himself up (which he now tries to pull up on everything), he's taken alot more spills lately getting back down. Or he will get so excited when he gets up that he will start bouncing and lose his balance and fall over. haha

Monday, September 10, 2007

First Blog....Finally

Ok so I finally get with the times and create a family blog. I know I should have started this like 9 months ago when our lives got really interesting with our new baby boy, but hey better late than never right? Hopefully I'll keep it up-to-date. :-)

Well where do I start.......Almost 9 months ago Jake and I had a beautiful baby boy named Nathan Jacob John. He has been the joy of our lifetime. Life has definitely changed around here since Nathan arrived, but it all has been for the better. Even Jake and I's marriage has gotten stronger. We both realize that it is very important to make time for each other and continue to nurture our marriage as well as be parents (which is hard sometimes to find time for each other). As much as we love that little boy, we cannot neglect our marriage.

So more about Nathan.......He is all over the place! When he wants to get somewhere quickly, he does the army crawl, otherwise, he will crawl for real. Just today he pulled up on one of his toys to a full stance! He even stood with just one hand on the toy. I think it will be no time at all before this boy takes off walking (which I don't know if I'm ready for yet). I am constantly chasing him around the house, pulling him away from cords, dirty shoes, etc. Our house has definitely become "kid zone". I had to put away some nice decorations, move the coffee table out, put away the plants, etc. He still primarily eats baby food. I have tried some table food (peas, green beans, pinto beans, mashed potatoes), but he doesn't like it yet. He spits it out. However, he loves nutrigrain bars, yogurt and puffs. We have weaned from breastfeeding (going on 5 days now) and are now doing 4 bottles of formula a day. I started having supply issues and since he's about 9 months and will be moving to whole milk in 3 months I decided that it was time to wean. Our goal was breastfeeding for 6 months and we surpassed that so we're happy.

Having fun with Daddy and Mommy: