Thursday, February 21, 2008

Date Night.....Gone Awry

My sweet, thoughtful husband had Sheena (his sister) come over to babysit Nathan on tuesday night so that we could go out and have a nice evening together, just the two of us. I was looking forward to it all day and couldn't wait till 5:00 came and we could get on our merry way. I even kept Nathan home in the afternoon to be sure that he got a good afternoon nap so that he wouldn't be cranky for Sheena. Well when it came time for his afternoon nap and he cried for an hour instead of sleeping, I should have known that plans would not go as smoothly as I had hoped. When it came time for us to leave, Nathan was so tired by that time that he refused to eat his dinner (a first for him I might add) and had a complete meltdown! He has never acted this way and we had no idea what was wrong with him or what to do. We finally got him to eat a little and got him settled down, but by that time both Jake and I were frazzled (and I'm sure Sheena was kicking herself for agreeing to stay and watch him) and we were on a time constraint for dinner cause we had show tickets downtown and had just spent an hour of our "dinnertime" calming Nathan down. So when things were looking down, they shot back up real quick after we had a quick dinner at Jason's Deli and hit the U2 in 3D show at the Imax theatre! That show was absolutely amazing!! I love U2, but have never been to their concert and this was like being on stage with them. Of course before the show we called Sheena to see how Nathan was doing and thankfully he went to bed without a fuss at 6:40 and was sleeping soundly. That made us completely relax just in time for the show. We have several friends that have seen this show and highly recommended it so we are now singing the same song. If this show ever comes to an Imax near you, it is a MUST see!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our Trip to OKC

Sorry it's been a while since I have posted anything. We just returned this week from spending a week in Oklahoma City with my mom and grandma. Nathan liked spending time with his grandma and great-grandmas, however, he did not like to sleep at night. He would scream bloody murder until I would come and get him and put him in bed with me......then of course he immediately fell asleep. So after a week of sleeping with mommy, we had a little bad habit to break when we got home. The first two nights at home was rough. I had to let him cry it out for an hour before he would fall asleep. Boy it's been a while since we've had to do that! He is finally back in his normal sleeping routine and all is well again! :-) We had a good time in OKC, but there's no place like home. Nathan always learns new things when we take him on trips and this one was no different. He learned to say "bananas" (or "nanas"), "water" ("wawa") and "night-night". When he sees a dog, he'll say "ruff ruff" or "bow wow wow". Today he started saying "ba" for "ball". It's really exciting to see him learning to say words now. It's fun to watch him learn and explore and develop his little personality, but as his personality develops, we can see that he is very determined, but with little patience. He gets so frustrated when he can't do something or we are busy doing something and can't play with him right when he wants us to. When he gets frustrated, he screams and we've done just about everything we can to get him to stop and nothing is working. I'm hoping he gets through this phase quickly. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get him to stop screaming, we are all ears!

Here are some pics from our trip:

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Ravioli Battle

After battling Nathan to let me feed him his ravioli so we wouldn't make a big mess.........guess who won.......