Thursday, May 7, 2009

Recent Pics

Ok ok so it has been MONTHS since I have last posted and I'm sure everyone has given up on checking in on us. I just wanted to post some recent pics of the boys since the boys have changed so much in the past 5 months (Drew especially). Drew is 8 months now (I can't believe it) and isn't crawling yet, but he scoots with the best of them. He is so quick that I often lose track of him and will find him under a table in a corner some where (usually playing with something he shouldn't be of course, like lamp cords). Nate is a good big brother until Drew gets close to his cars...... :-)
Jake and I are heading out next week to Vegas for a week (child free!) to celebrate our 5 yr anniversary. I am SO excited to have a vacation. Nate has been a huge handful in the discipline department lately and Mommy really needs a break. I'm sure after a day I'll be missing my boys already, but it will be nice to get some rest and spend time with just Jake.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Holidays......

Ok so I have some catching up to do (ok alot actually)........let's start way back to Halloween. Here are my precious boys in their costumes:

Nathan had a really fun Halloween starting with going to Chick-Fil-A and a Fall Festival at First Baptist Georgetown with his friend Luke. When we got home we took him to a few houses on our block and he loved getting candy in his Elmo bucket.

Moving on to Thanksgiving......

We had Thanksgiving at our house this year with Jake's parents, sister and cousin. My mom, youngest brother and grandma got to come down as well. We had a great time and Nate had a blast going around saying "Happy Giving"! Here are some pics:

And finally Christmas.......

We had Christmas Eve dinner at our house with Jake's parents and sister and opened gifts that night. Nathan loved opening gifts and everything was "wow coooool". :-) My mom and brother came down on Christmas and we had an Indian food feast at Jake's parents house that night. Nathan definitely made out like a bandit! He loved saying "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays"!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Wow.....I didn't realize it's been almost 2 months since I have posted anything! I will say that our camera was messed up for a long time and wouldn't upload to our computers so that was a big reason for the delay. We ended up buying a new camera and hopefully this will last us longer than the previous two cameras have. The boys are just growing up too incredibly fast. Here' s a little video of Nathan repeating the alphabet back to comments on my inability to get the alphabet straight while saying it slowly without singing the alphabet song. haha

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Goofing Around

Nathan has been such the little entertainer lately. He loves to be the center of attention and here's a few pics of him goofing around:

Nathan has found a new use for the little tub you get at the hospital for bathing babies:

Here he's saying "PEACE OUT":
Who knows......haha

Introducing Andrew Joshua John.......FINALLY!

We'd love to introduce our new (well, ok, our 1 month old) beautiful baby boy to the world........

Andrew Joshua John was born on 9/2/08 at 8:55 am and was 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 19.5 in long. We were scheduled for an induction the morning of 9/2 and went into the hospital the night before for some "prep" work, but Andrew decided to come on his own and my water broke before any of the "prep" work got started. It's funny how things work out because the exact same thing happened with Nathan. We went in the night before a scheduled induction and he came on his own as well. Both my boys were great at timing their arrival so that we could avoid a late night rush to the hospital and were able to plan our families being around for help. :-)

It has been a little easier adjusting to having two kids than I anticipated, but I know that is due to my wonderful husband who has totally stepped up and pretty much takes care of Nathan and to my in-laws living 3 miles away. Now if I could only get a little sleep........

Nathan loves being a big brother and loves to give his little bro hugs and kisses and he likes to tickle his feet. Here are some pics of the boys together (and a few more of Drew):

Thursday, August 21, 2008

37 Week Update

I had my 37 week appt this week and found out that I tested positive for Group B Strep Infection. While it's not harmful to me, it could be harmful to the baby during delivery so I have to have IV antibiotics during labor/delivery to reduce the risk of spreading it to the baby. Having said that, my doctor and I decided to induce on Sept. 2 so that I can come in the night before and start the IV antibiotics to ensure that I get all the medicine necessary to protect the baby. So I will go into the hospital at 7pm on Sept. 1 and start the IV antibiotics and they will induce me at 6am on Sept. 2. This is a pretty common thing so we aren't worried about it, as long as we get the appropriate amount of antibiotics during labor. It's exciting to know that Andrew will be here in a week and a half though! :-)

Monday, August 11, 2008


So for the past several weeks, I seemed to have take an unexpected hiatus from pretty much everything outside the world of Twilight. I have been completely consumed (probably in an unhealthy way) by the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. For those of you who have not heard of it, it is a 4 book series about a romance between a vampire and human. Yes, I said vampire. They have made a movie from the first book in the series, Twilight, (hopefully all the books will end up on the big screen) that comes out on 11/21/08. I don't know how I'll manage the next 3 months till it comes out, but I'm sure with a newborn on the brink of arrival I will. :-)

Anyways, here are a few things that have happened in the past several weeks that I haven't posted on yet (I wanted to post pictures, but my camera is messed up right now and won't upload to my computer):

1. Jake's 35th Birthday
We had a little get together to celebrate Jake's bday on July 30. I decided that I would test out my cake decorating skills and make his cake. I found a golf bag cake pan at Hobby Lobby and just couldn't pass it up. It was kind of small so I made cupcakes as well (I decorated the cupcakes to look like putting greens). It turned out to be quite an undertaking considering Nathan decided to be incredibly difficult that day and not nap all day. I finally got it done and I think it turned out pretty good for my first time. I wish I could post pics of it, but if you are on Facebook, you can see pics there.

2. I don't think I have mentioned this before, but Jake's parents are moving to Texas from Minnesota. They found a house a few miles from us and closed on it last week. Their furniture is getting here next week and his mom is moving down on 8/29. His dad, however, doesn't officially retire until the end of september so that is when he will move down. His mom is coming early to start getting things unpacked and to help out with the new baby. We are excited to have them here and are happy that the boys will be able to see them anytime they want instead of just a few times a year.

3. I had my 36 week appt last week and found out that I'm already dilated to 1 cm, 75% effaced and the baby is at a -1 station. I know that is a foreign language to most of you, but to those mommas out there, you know what I'm saying. haha I know that I could stay this way for the next several weeks, but it just brought on a wave of panic thinking that it could be any day now cause I still wasn't fully prepared at home for Andrew's arrival. Needless to say that I came home and washed all the baby clothes, got the remaining baby stuff out of the attic, went shopping for baby stuff, etc. We are ready now, but next week will be a bad week for his arrival so I'm praying that he waits till at least after 8/29. Next week we have to take care of the movers for Jake's parents, his sister will be in Minnesota and we are having Jake's cousin from Minnesota visit. I know he's gonna come when he is ready and I have no control over when that will be, but I have faith that whenever that time comes God will take care of all the details. I just get anxious about what we're gonna do with Nathan and making sure he is taken care of while I'm in labor....but it will all work out.

4. Just in the past few weeks, Nathan's vocabulary has just taken off. He talks ALL the time. We don't always understand what he is saying, but he loves to have conversations with himself and his stuffed animals. He is learning his alphabet and can say every letter, but "W". He can't quite say that one yet, but that's a tough one. He doesn't know his numbers yet, but I'm amazed at how quickly he's learning his alphabet so I'm sure numbers are soon to follow. I think he's going to be a very sweet big brother. He will go up to the baby swing and bassinet and say "Baby Drew" and he will give my belly hugs and kisses. We'll just have to watch him when he throws his temper tantrums cause he will just throw himself all over and/or any object that is in his hand. (yes, we are working on taming his temper)

Well I think that's about it for now. :-) I have my 37 week appt tomorrow and will post a pregnancy update after that. Hopefully I can figure out my camera issue soon and I can post some pics.