Thursday, May 7, 2009

Recent Pics

Ok ok so it has been MONTHS since I have last posted and I'm sure everyone has given up on checking in on us. I just wanted to post some recent pics of the boys since the boys have changed so much in the past 5 months (Drew especially). Drew is 8 months now (I can't believe it) and isn't crawling yet, but he scoots with the best of them. He is so quick that I often lose track of him and will find him under a table in a corner some where (usually playing with something he shouldn't be of course, like lamp cords). Nate is a good big brother until Drew gets close to his cars...... :-)
Jake and I are heading out next week to Vegas for a week (child free!) to celebrate our 5 yr anniversary. I am SO excited to have a vacation. Nate has been a huge handful in the discipline department lately and Mommy really needs a break. I'm sure after a day I'll be missing my boys already, but it will be nice to get some rest and spend time with just Jake.