Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fun day at the park

Boy I'm blog happy today......this is the last one I think.......

Yesterday we got together with our friends at a local park for a little picnic and play time. Nathan had a BLAST. He got really dirty and got lots of snacks and juice......every little boys dream. haha He loved watching the big kids run around the park and wandering off exploring everything. This kid is NOT shy AT ALL. I wish he were a little more hesitant around strangers, but he's not. He definitely has his daddy's personality when it comes to the social scene. I think he's gonna be a little politician one day cause he was going around giving strangers high fives and playing with their toys. He really wore himself out and between the grapes and juice, he had an explosion diaper on the way home.....yikes!

The Final Cake

We had our last cake class last week where we learned how to make the infamous Wilton Rose. It was pretty tough to learn. I think the consistency of the icing is of utmost importance to get right. We didn't even get to actually decorating our cakes cause we spent the whole class practicing our I spent the next couple days at home decorating. I had lots of fun in this class, but I think I need a little break from making cakes! :-) Here's my loud and busy rose cake:

Happy Easter.......

a week later! Sorry it took me a week to post some Easter pics. We didn't do too much for Easter around here. Grandma (my mom) came to visit us for the weekend and we cooked a ham dinner on saturday night which was really yummy. It was really nice outside that evening so we put Nathan to bed and had dinner on the patio.......sigh......we love Texas. Here are some pics of Nathan on Easter:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

When Jake is out of town......

this is what happens.....

As I have posted before, I am taking a cake decorating class right now and have been baking cakes like crazy in our house......yes, I'm not looking forward to this month's doctor checkup when I have to get on the scale haha. I decided that I would try to decorate some cupcakes for Easter to practice my new "skills" and what better time to make a big mess than when Jake isn't around!! :-) I ended up staying up till 2 am this morning decorating cupcakes!! Yes, I am CRAZY! Of course the one day I'm really looking forward to Nathan's new wakeup time of 8:00, he wakes up at 6:30! I never do this, but I was desperate for some more rest so I brought him in bed with me and turned Sesame Street on so he could watch a wholesome, educational show (and the only one he will literally sit and watch the whole thing) while Mommy got another hour of rest. Anyways, here's a pic of my late night craze:
Here's a pic of a cake I did last week:

My new favorite thing.....

CraigsList! I am a craigslist junky right now. I check it everyday for stuff for the new baby. It's funny how differently you view things with the second child versus the first (for me anyways). With Nathan I had to have everything brand new and the "best of the best" of everything (well the best of what we could afford anyways) and with this one, I'm looking for everything secondhand and hoping not to have to buy anything brand new. haha I've already gotten a crib and mattress and a double jogger so far. I'm really excited about the double jogger cause I got such a good deal on it. It's practically brand new and I got it for just $75! We took it for a spin this morning and I think Nathan likes it too and probably will like it more when he has some company from his little sibling next to him. :-) It's definitely bigger than our single one and I'm gonna be building some strong arm muscles steering this thing. Here's a pic:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's New

- Nathan has started really liking night-night time, whether it be nap or bed time. When it comes time for his nap or bed time, he starts running around saying "nigh nigh" ("night night") and going to the stairs and standing at the gate pointing upstairs saying "nigh nigh".

- He's been saying "ba" ("ball") for a while now, but today he learned the difference between the "green", "orange" and "blue" balls. I would ask him to go get me the green ball and he would bring me the green ball and so on and so on. He even said "gee ba".

- Some new words that he's been saying are "foo ba" ("football"), "ta oo" ("thank you"), "goo" ("good") and "bye bye".

- He is becoming really picky with his food. It's becoming a real challenge making sure he gets some good nutrition cause he won't eat any of the veggies he used to (except sweet potato) and he really doesn't like me feeding him anymore so mealtime is always a big mess since he can't use utensils yet. At least he'll eat any kind of fruit still. His favorite right now are bananas.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My New Hobby

Last monday my friend Tiffany and I started a cake decorating class and it's gonna be so much fun! I decided that I needed to do something to get me out of the house (without a baby attached to my hip) and something that will tap into my creative side. I want to be able to make my kids' birthday cakes as they grow up and it not to look completely "homemade". We didn't actually decorate anything this past monday cause we didn't have any supplies yet, but after class Tiff and I hit the Wilton aisle pretty hard. We couldn't wait till next monday to break in all our new tools so we have been "practicing". Here's a pic of my first cake made with the "real" buttercream icing (like what you get on a store bought cake) and "real" cake decorating tools. I'll be posting pics of my creations during the weeks to come.

Music to Our Ears

Daddy brought home a new little music toy for Nathan. He learned how to blow into the toy pretty quickly....I think he's a natural musician. :-)

Here's a clip of his debut performance (he even adds in a little dance move):

Saturday, March 1, 2008

It's about time......

we let everyone know that Nathan is going to be a big brother! Yep, I'm pregnant! I am 12 weeks and am due Sept. 9 (the day Jake and I got engaged 5 years ago). We are really excited to add to our little family. This pregnancy has been different than with Nathan. I've been VERY tired and very queasy all day (although I haven't actually gotten sick). This week has actually been the first week I have felt somewhat normal. It's been pretty surreal to me that I am pregnant up till this week. I had my 12 week appointment this week and during the tummy check the baby kicked several times and that brought on a reality check really quick. I definitely feel like my belly is popping out quicker this time than with Nathan, but I guess that's what they say is normal with 2nd pregnancies. We (or maybe more I) are hoping for a girl, but we really will be happy with either. My doctor told me at my appt that it sounds like it's a girl, but I'm not getting my hopes up too high cause you never know.....I just pray that whatever it is, it's clear at our next ultrasound what it is. We don't need another "surprise" like we had with Nathan. :-)