Friday, May 23, 2008

Being Entertained

Here's a little video clip of Nathan at the Lorenz house in Florida. Reid (the oldest Lorenz boy....he'll be 7 this summer) was quite the entertainer and Nathan thought he was hilarious.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A trip to the Sunshine State

We just spent the last week on vacation in Florida. We had a GREAT time. Nathan was such a good boy the whole week and had so much fun! He was so good on the plane. There were alot of kids on the flight (as I'm sure you can imagine going to Orlando) and Nathan made many friends. He was running to everyone in the airport saying "hi" and as we were getting off the plane he was saying "bye". He was so excited to watch the planes and all the people driving the carts carrying the luggage around. While we were on the plane he just played in our little row and then took a nap for half the flight (going there and coming back). While we were there we went to the zoo, Clearwater beach, Sea World and saw our friends David and Brandie Lorenz and their 3 kids. (David was our old singles pastor and married us) Also while we were there, we celebrated Mother's Day and our 4th wedding anniversary. The resort we stayed at was awesome. We got upgraded to a 4 bedroom condo that was newly renovated. It had wood floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and plasma tvs in every room. We were sad that we didn't have any friends or family there to share this place with cause it was so big and so much space went unused. The pool area was really nice too. We spent alot of time there. They had a lazy river and slide and two different swimming areas (one for kids and adults). Nathan LOVED the water. He had a blast at Clearwater beach. He loved playing in the sand and walking in the ocean and collecting shells. The water was so clear and the beach was like powder, it was so soft and white. We didn't plan on doing anything big like Disney cause we figured that he was too small and wouldn't really enjoy it or remember it so why pay all the money for it, but through our resort we got two tickets to Sea World for $10 and found out that kids under 3 was free so we went to Sea World. He loved it! He had so much fun looking at all the animals and watching the shows (his favorite was Shamu of course). He just danced like crazy to the music at the Shamu show. We all had a great time and love taking vacations. Next year we'll have another baby to enjoy vacations with!

Here are some pics:

Monday, May 5, 2008


We have been on lockdown around here for the past 2 weeks, going on week 3 now. 2 weeks ago, Nathan got your standard cold, runny nose and congestion. That lasted a week and as soon as that cleared up, he got a double ear infection and HFMD (hand, foot and mouth disease). I have no idea how he got that since we were not around any kids since he had the cold. I don't know who out there has experienced HFMD with their kids, but Nathan was MISERABLE. He had high fever for a few days with a sore throat and then developed sores all in his mouth and on his feet. The poor little guy couldn't sleep well or eat anything solid. He was pretty lethargic for most of the week. Today has been a good day. He has eaten solid food today and from what I can tell (he hates it when I try to look in his mouth) his sores are clearing up. I think we are definitely on the up swing....which is a good thing cause we leave for vacation in florida this saturday! So needless to say that we are on lockdown again this week even if he is feeling better so that he doesn't catch anything else before we leave. We are both going stir crazy around here! This vacation to florida will be much needed by all of us!